Blood Sugar Dysregulation

Blood, Sugar…Magic?

A letter from Dr. Anajli Dsouza, Founder and Medical Director of the District Center for Integrative Medicine, and a true believer in Metabolic Health. You can get the complete ebook, “Optimizing Your Metabolic Health” by signing up for our newsletter here.

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The potential to live your best self is flowing through your veins.
Unleash this potential, and you will:

  • eradicate fatigue and cravings
  • improve weight balance
  • enhance your bowel function
  • “youthify” your skin and hair
  • provide the context for your body to have a smooth and
  • even boring (yay!) menstrual cycles
  • protect yourself from or actively dial back the top
  • chronic health burdens in our country: diabetes, obesity,
  • cardiovascular disease, and autoimmunity.

No amount of retail therapy, no laundry list of clinicians to consult, no faddy diets, no exercise cults…nothing compares to unleashing this potential.

What is this magic I speak of?

Metabolic Health!

Blood sugar and insulin dance together in our cells to create energy. Metabolic health refers to how smoothly this system runs.

Think of It As Fun in the Club

Let’s use a club analogy – Insulin is the bouncer, and Blood Sugar is the dolled-up gal trying to have some fun (energy production) in the club (the cell). When the club is over full, the bouncer brings more bouncer buddies (increased insulin) to deal with those dolled-up gals (more blood sugar). This creates friction! Sometimes a fight can even break out! When a fight breaks out between insulin and blood sugar, we call that inflammation.

Too many fights in the club result in less fun (less energy production), more bouncers (insulin elevations), and a bunch of dolled-up gals just waiting around (elevated glucose). These inefficiencies and tensions cause problems in our club and in our bodies. That is what we refer to as sub-optimal metabolic health. When our cells are overburdened with excess calories, or
higher carbohydrate loads that are ideal we create a cascade:

  • insulin resistance
  • elevated glucose
  • lowered ATP production
  • inflammation

You should care if you are worried about CHRONIC DISEASE

It’s a ticking time bomb. The time between when this cascade begins and when you get a diagnosis of obesity, diabetes, fatigue,
or autoimmunity can be up to 20 years… If you wait till the diagnosis, you have 20 years of work to undo! We’ll show you how to figure this out without waiting till it’s too late.

If you have struggled with vacillating energy levels throughout the day or insomnia at night…

… think Metabolic Health

If you find it impossible to lose weight or have noticed your weight continue to creep up and up over the years…

… think Metabolic Health

If you worry that you have aged more rapidly than you anticipated…

… think Metabolic Health

All the major disease states — every single one of them…

… think Metabolic Health

Seeing a pattern?

You should also care if you are an OPTIMIZER

Maybe you already eat as well as you can, work out regularly, and try to get in your sleep and meditation… If that’s you, that’s awesome!

Learning to tweak metabolic health to hone its impact is an art and a science. You can have so much fun and so much satisfaction from learning how to maximize the effect these techniques can have on your weight, your sleep, your workouts, your energy…the list goes on.

In the “art” section, I put the next level of healthy eating. I have lost track of the number of people I see in my office that are eating “healthy” things but still spiking their blood sugar. This translates into sub-optimal performance and health.

And in the science section? Data and tracking. Metabolic health is fully quantifiable. And what you can measure, you can manage…or better yet, what you can measure, you can optimize.

Want to improve your sustained energy…

…optimize your metabolic health

Want to tap into your hunger cues more intuitively…

….optimize your metabolic health

Want to take your fitness goals to the next level…

…optimize your metabolic health

Want to improve your skin, tone, and the rest of your physical appearance…

…optimize your metabolic health

As you can tell, I am a believer. I want you to be a believer too because I am convinced it will transform your health. We can do it together!

In health!

Anjali Dsouza, MD
Founder and Medical Director of the District Center for Integrative Medicine

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